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January 18, 2024

Felicity Estates is growing

Swedish Mathea Tello is the latest addition to Felicity Estates. Mathea is 25 percent Spanish and soon to be an Account Manager, which means that she possesses both solid knowledge and a serious interest in sales, above all with a focus on wholeheartedly helping her clients with their needs, dreams and goals.

You are only 22 years old but have already managed a lot, tell us about your background:

 - I have always been a driven and ambitious person ever since I was in elementary school. I always wanted to be good at what I did and had an easy time at school. I have high demands on myself and constantly want to develop and feel that I am improving. I think that is the main reason why I managed to get a lot done. My drive to get ahead and that I'm not afraid to try new things, combined with the pressure on myself to perform as good as I can and feel satisfied. It spurs me on to take on new challenges and work hard to see results.

Mathea attended the Economics program in high school with focus on law, worked as a Team Leader at Jump Yard and Yoump in Skövde and Linköping, as an Account Manager at Byggfakta in Fuengirola, is soon to be an Account Manager for which she is training remotely at Tuc Vocational School in Linköping and is since January 1 working as a lister and real estate agent at Felicity Estates.

What made you apply to Felicity Estates and the real estate industry?

 - My father has been a real estate agent with his own company for several years and I have been fascinated by the job and its opportunities for independent work where, depending on how talented you are and how hard you work, you can influence your results so directly. But also how, with good knowledge, you can help people find their perfect home. Which is so much worth.

- I also have a great interest when it comes to sales, that is the reason why I am currently studying to become an account manager - a broad programme that favours you as a salesperson in all aspects. 

- I always thought that I would work in sales, although not necessarily as an account manager. When I opened my eyes to the real estate industry and realized how well it met my ambitions and how I want to work, while giving me the opportunity to work with both sales and people, I realized that this is something I want to do! I contacted Swedish estate agents in the area and with Felicity Estates it was a great match! Which I am so happy and grateful for and it will be so much fun to get started. It really feels like I ended up exactly in the right place!

You are Swedish but moved to Spain last year, what attracted you here?

- My grandfather is from Spain, so I have been to Spain a lot to see my relatives since I was very young. Spain has always been close to my heart When I was 10 years old we bought a house in La Herradura and I spent a lot of time there growing up. My father also moved there permanently a few years ago.

- When I was going to do my internship, I decided to do it in Spain. I came here for three months but decided to stay after that. I realized that I enjoyed myself so much here and that this is where I want to be!

What do you see as your best qualities as a salesperson?

- I would say that it is that I always try to see the clients needs, not just the obvious ones but to dig deeper and find out what the client actually values and wants and why and then try to meet that need. I give of myself and spend a lot of time to make the clients feel satisfied and heard and I am also very determined.

What are your interests outside of work?

- Horses! And it's always been horses since I was three years old. I have four horses at home in Sweden that I miss a lot, but are doing very well with my sister. I'll see if at some point in the future I buy a horse down here, it's really a long-term dream. Until then, I can think about my horses back home and visit them when I'm in Sweden!

Do you have any favourite places on the Costa del Sol that you want to share?

- A great interest that my partner and I have found since we moved here is snorkeling. And the most amazing place we snorkeled at is La Herradura beach, if you like snorkeling, I can warmly recommend it!

- I can also warmly recommend visiting the Barranco Blanco waterfall, it's so beautiful! But my tip is to go in the spring, in the summer it´s too dry and no clear waterfall.

- I also have to say Caminito del Rey which I recommend everyone to walk, absolutely amazingly beautiful and something you will remember forever!

Feel free to contact Mathea on tel. +34 6111 36 42 46 and email mathea@felicityestates.es

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