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October 08, 2021

Tips for you who are looking for a property in Spain: "Take a chance and follow your heart"

Lotta Boo from Sweden has this week received the keys to her new village house in Álora, which she has bought via Felicity Estates and with legal help from Nacho Mata at MG Consulting.
Congratulations! How do you feel?
- It feels fantastic, great. It is something completely different than how I have lived in Spain before. It's so quiet here and only Spaniards. It is a great contrast to the coast. There are so many tourists, so many different languages. An then you come out to the country side where the roosters crows and you almost only hear Spanish around you. Sometimes you see the occasional tourist in hiking boots as well, it's fun.
- Everyone is so helpful and kind and everything is so simple. Nothing is further away than a kilometer whether you want to buy food, a refrigerator or getting internet.
Why did you choose Álora?
- I wanted to live on the country side but at the same time have access to public transport. Álora is close and it is easy to get to the coast. There are both trains, buses and a proper taxi station. It only takes 30 minutes by train to Málaga and the airport.
You live between Sweden and Spain, what is the best thing about having your own house in Spain?
- That you can feel at home and not have to invent the wheel every time you come here. I can have my own stuff in place. I feel safe and comfortable, at the same time that it is exciting and an adventure.
- But I don´t sit at home so much, there are so much to see and do in the surrounding area. Málaga is so centrally located. You can fly to Mallorca over the weekend or take the high speed train to Madrid, you have your house and can part from here to discover the world.
Do you have any tips for those who have just started the process of finding a property here?
- Take a chance, follow your heart, just jump into the black hole. Everything will work it self out, that attitude is important. Not to overthink everything and make long lists with too many demands. Once you have made your decision, you adapt to it and it will be good.
Why would you recommend someone to buy a home in Andalusia?
- The quality of life, the good food, the friendly people, it is easy to get here from Sweden and of course the fantastic temperature all year round!
What do you recommend people who come to Álora to do?
- To enjoy nature, discover the surroundings, to walk a hiking trail.
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