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May 16, 2022

"With our own apartment, we feel less like tourists"

Last winter, Madeleine Bergström and Anders Jacobsson from Sweden finally bought an apartment in Spain after searching for their dream home for several years. It was an apartment with a large west-facing terrace overlooking the mountains and green area of Torrequebrada, Benalmádena.

Anders and Madeleine got access to their new apartment last Christmas and were on site for the second time this spring when Felicity Estates was invited to a lunch in the sun on the terrace. Anders had already went back to Sweden, but Madeleine shares her thoughts on the purchase.

How does it feel?

- It feels good, I feel this is the right area for us. It's a bit like the country side and close to Benalmádena Pueblo which I love. We walk up there and have dinner, it is only 1.5 km. Up it takes just under half an hour and down it only takes 10-15 min.

- I am very fond of the “pueblo" and Anders wanted to be closer to the sea, so this was a good compromise. The surroundings are so beautiful. In the evenings and nights it is very quiet, we are surrounded by greenery and yet we are so close to everything.

You had been looking to buy for a long time, ever since 2014, why did it take so long?

- We have been to Spain several times a year but Anders was not really ready to buy until now. Anders will soon retire and I am thinking of working for another two years, so in the close future we will be able to come here more than before.

Why did you choose Benalmádena?

- I was very keen on Málaga but have been a lot in Benalmádena and know the area well. Finally, I came to the conclusion that it is probably better to be close to the big city but to live in a calmer place. But it was important for us to be close to the train to be able to easily go to both Málaga and the airport.

- This is a new country for us, we want to be part of the Spanish culture and I think we get more of the ordinary Spanish life here than in some other places on the coast.

What tips do you want to give to those who are considering buying in Spain?

- The most important thing is to focus on the location. The home can be changed, but you have to feel good in the area. For example, I can not imagine living with bars too close by, while others may not imagine being without them. We want restaurants etc within reasonable walking distance, but at the same time a short distance away.

What are your favourite places in Benalmádena?

- My favorite is Benalmádena Pueblo and I like that there is a little more than just the touristic things here. When it comes to beaches, there are nice long sandy beaches a bit away on Benalmádena Costa, but straight down here there are several nice little coves where you can be completely alone.

What is the advantage of having your own home compared to renting?

- It's an old dream I've always had. Anders has been more about travel around. But one thing does not exclude the other. We have a small simple apartment and have not spent all our money, we still have the opportunity to travel and would like to travel in Spain. There are lots of places and things we have not seen here yet.

- When you rent, you feel more like a tourist and if you have your own home, you feel more like a part of society. That was what we wanted to achieve.

What is your relationship with Spain?

- I like everything Spanish a lot and enjoy it very much here. The people is very nice and helpful, the climate is perfect, the food is very good, especially the fish! It may sound a bit boring, but Spain is actually very similar to Sweden, but warmer. And a little more cheerful. People are a little more relaxed and funny. And I like Sweden but I hate the Swedish climate.

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