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May 07, 2024

Invest to rent out - short or long term?

Many people who buy a property on the Costa del Sol do so as an investment with a focus on renting it out. But which is really best, renting out on a short or a long term? Felicity Estates lists the pros and cons with both variants.

If you have bought or are planning to buy a home and want to rent it out to make a profit, you need to make a decision whether to rent it out by the day/week or for a longer period. To rent out short-term in Andalucia you need a special license and you must make sure before you buy that there are no rules within the community that specifically prohibit short-term letting. Starting from two months, it is considered a long-term rental, which requires a contract in Spanish, signed by all parties and which complies with the legal framework and time frames established by law.

Which one you choose is influenced by various factors, for example how you and your family want to use the home. If you want to be able to use it as a private holiday home and only rent it out occasionally, short-term rentals are probably a better fit. But there are other aspects to consider as well, such as local laws and regulations, monthly costs and different risks associated with the two variants.

Advantages of short-term rentals:

Disadvantages of short-term rentals:

Advantages of long-term rental:

Disadvantages of long-term rentals:

Felicity Estates recommends that you consult with experts regardless of whether you are renting out for a short or long term so that everything is done correctly and according to the current laws and regulations. For more information about short-term rentals, ypu are welcome to contact our sister company Solrentals.


Source: Spainhouses

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